Red Shop. Poshina
(pastel) 14" x 17"

Woman with a Baby
(oil) 28" x 20"

Temple at Night, Bundi
(pastel) 14" x 17"

Girl in Pink, Samode
(pastel) 9.5" x 12"SOLD

Taylor's Shop, Poshina
(pastel) 13" x 13.5"

Turquoise Shops, Poshina
(pastel)9.5" x 12.5"SOLD

Woman on a Roof, Samode (Rajasthan)
(oil) 22" x 29"SOLD

Women at a Fruit Stall
(oil) 41" x 34"SOLD

Bundi High Street with Camel (Rajasthan)
(oil) 25" x 33"SOLD

Yellow Valley
(pastel) 29" x 23"SOLD

Frozen Tracks
(watercolour) 31" x 39"SOLD

Houses, Jimena della Frontera
(pastel) 13" x 10"SOLD

San Gimignano
(oil) 10" x 13"SOLD

Red Hill, Sun after Rain
(oil) 22" x 28"SOLD

Almond Trees - Terraced Hillside
(oil) 20" x 26"SOLD

Harbour, Armenistis
(Ikaria, Greece )
(pastel) 24" x 32"SOLD

Track in the Morning Sun
(pastel) 38" x 30"SOLD

Vineyard and Calanchi from an
Olive Grove(Tuscany)
(oil) 24" x 36"SOLD

(Grand Canal, Venice)
(oil) 30" x 36"SOLD

Ferrari Flag
(oil) 16" x 15"SOLD

Piazza della Signoria
(oil) 16" x 22 "SOLD

Piazza del Duomo by Night
(oil) 38" x 42"SOLD

Wind through the Vines
(oil) 24" x 32"SOLD

Grand Canal at Sunset
(pastel) 14" x 17"SOLD

Sun Breaking through
(oil) 15" x 20"SOLD

Sun-bleached Track
(watercolour) 51" x 40"SOLD

White Lane
(oil) 14" x 18"